2014 Asheville MUni Round-Up: September 12 – 14, 2014

The 8th annual Asheville, NC mountain unicycle gathering

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Check out this clip….

Check this out … hit cc for subtitles (unless you sprechen sie Deutsch).


I recommend reading some of the comments on the YouTube page: “i love when people do retarded shit for my enjoyment”. That seems to sum it all up!


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New River Gorge photo in Sierra magazine

My friend Harrison Shull shot this cool photo near his home in Fayetteville, WV. Harrison has a handful of mountain unicycle photos in his stock including the one of Adam Masters at the top of this blog. The photo below appears in the current issue of Sierra Magazine in an article about strip top mining and the outdoor community in Fayetteville. See more of Harrison’s great work at shullphoto.com.

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New MUni shoes to fill?

I’m not very particular about the shoes I wear on trail, but I’m wondering if the Brewer (made for river/water sports) from Astral will be a good match for the mountain unicycle. I’ve slipped on a pair and really liked them. They are super light and have Five Ten rubber soles. They’re designed to drain and dry relatively quickly. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on a pair soon and give them a try.

These shoes are designed by Asheville based company Astral.  They’ve been tops in the whitewater paddling PFD market and have just slipped into the shoe market. See their press release below:

Astral Announces Entry into Footwear Market with the Brewer

For 10 years, Astral has pushed the design of technical whitewater PFDs to new standards. Today, Astral announces their debut into the outdoor footwear market with a single model named “the Brewer”.

From its creative and engineering enclaves in Asheville, Saigon, and Bali; Astral collaborated with former Salomon line manager Reglan Brewer to create a shoe that uses minimalist upper construction, zero- drop injected midsole, and Five Ten’s famous STEALTH® rubber for unmatched traction on rocks.

According to owner Philip Curry, Astral’s intention with footwear is to “offer the market an authentic and unique footwear solution to life around water and rocks. As lifetime kayakers, we have always wanted to develop shoes that work exceptionally well in extreme places, while also being great for work and just walking around”.

The Brewer starts shipping to Astral’s key specialty outdoor shops on July 26th. Astral is also showing 3 additional models at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City from August 2-5th.

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87-year-old fledgling unicyclist

Over the last several years I’ve helped a number of folks get started on a unicycle through Second Gear, the outdoor shop I co-own in Asheville. I offer a few tips for anyone who purchases a unicycle. My lesson with my latest pupil this morning, 87 year old Charlie, was by the far the most interesting.

Charlie’s hoping to wow the crowd in a talent show he participates in annually. If we can get him riding, he’s a shoe in for the blue ribbon. As you can imagine Charlie’s a character with an interesting background. Here’s what he told me: he’s from Drexel, NC, a small factory town about 60 miles east of Asheville. After serving as a Navy pilot in WW II, he went to dental school and practiced in the area until he retired in the 1970s, though it looks like he’s kept himself busy ever since.