2014 Asheville MUni Round-Up: September 12 – 14, 2014

The 8th annual Asheville, NC mountain unicycle gathering

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If you were planning to attend the Asheville event, you might consider instead heading to ‘Bama for the STOMP fest. ┬áCheck out details by CLICKING HERE.



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Maybe next year?

Sorry all that we’ve cancelled. We really hate to do it, but I’ll have to admit that there’s so much on my plate on a personal level — family, job, etc, etc…. — that we were feeling overwhelmed with organizing the fest. While it’s been a pretty no frills event, there’s still details to sort out to make sure the event is safe, fun, and reasonably organized. Since so many folks travel a great distance to attend, they should have an expectation that the weekend is organized and well thought through. Since out local MUni community is so small it’s hard to find other local folks who have the time and dedication to pull off an event that is worth while for people to attend.

Here’s a question for the broad MUni community: my sense is that a region wide event (the Southeast, for instance) may be the way to go. Say a model in which a different group hosts the event in a different spot (one year Alabama, the next Virginia, etc….) The difference is that a region wide “committee” of folks can help support and guide the event. I think that would help build a strong network and help specialize some of the tasks needed to pull off a great event.

Another option is to promote very informal weekend rides, for instance, I’d like to gather a group this fall to ride Heartbreak Ridge near Asheville.

What are your thoughts? What would folks like to see in the future?