2014 Asheville MUni Round-Up: September 12 – 14, 2014

The 8th annual Asheville, NC mountain unicycle gathering

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Check out this clip….

Check this out … hit cc for subtitles (unless you sprechen sie Deutsch).


I recommend reading some of the comments on the YouTube page: “i love when people do retarded shit for my enjoyment”. That seems to sum it all up!


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Douthat Munifest April 20 – 21

You might also check out this muni gathering in southwestern Virginia near Roanoke.

Here are details as posted at unicyclist.com

This munifest will take place at Douthat State Park, located in southwest Virginia, near Roanoke. Douthat State Park has an extensive trail network with trail difficulties to fit all skill levels, a lake for swimming, and numerous lodging choices. This is a rider organized BYO gathering, so no fancy shirts, food or shwag, just riding and hanging out All you need to know about Douthat State Park: http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state_parks/dou.shtml And please don’t be “nervous” about trail difficulty and skill levels, we will all work together so everyone rides. There is also some great road riding in the area and paved paths that meander through the park. Trail Description: http://www.virginiaoutdoors.com/park…e-park/Biking/ Trail Map: http://www.imm-cms.com/media/destina…map_trails.pdf

Also: a link to the thread on unicyclist.com: http://unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107761