2014 Asheville MUni Round-Up: September 12 – 14, 2014

The 8th annual Asheville, NC mountain unicycle gathering

Asheville MUni Round-Up Ride Schedule – DRAFT

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A few folks have been interested in getting a look at a ride schedule. My hope was to get folks to send me input either here or via e-mail (jack@igelman.com). I think the hope is to strike a balance between challenge and accessibility. So here’s a quick draft of what I’m thinking – please comment and send feedback.


9:00AM – Meet at Bent Creek Experimental Forest (in the Pisgah National Forest). The third Asheville MUni Fest (2010) was staged here.

  • Ride a 5-8 mile loop. (moderate difficulty)

2:30PM – Meet at the Kisuma trailhead just east of Black Mountain (30 minutes from Bent Creek). This was the downhill race at the 1st Southeast MUni Fest in 2008 hosted by Adam Masters. It’s an excellent downhill ride with an option to grind up a paved bike trail (or shuttle).


9:00AM – ???? Could be another ride at Bent Creek, or I might suggest a really epic ride.


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